Important Things to Take into Account for MOT Test

Time for annual MOT has come again and you are possibly looking for renowned garage to help you out. Isn’t it? If yes, then this blog will help you to understand MOT and how to find best garage in your vicinity.

Ministry of Transport commonly abbreviated as MOT is an annual test for every vehicle to drive on the roads of United Kingdom. Without a valid MOT, you will not be permitted to drive, unless you are taking your vehicle for a re-test.

The chief aim of MOT in Brackley is to check the exhausts levels of your vehicle and to make sure that it is environmentally safe. The various intricate parts are comprehensively scrutinized using state of the art equipments. The test is conducted by highly experienced professionals, however if you want your car to qualify for the test in one shot, then regular maintenance is must.

MOT Inspection AreaThe following components are meticulously inspected during a thorough MOT test-

  • Windscreen
  • Horn
  • Seat Belts
  • Mirrors
  • Wheel alignment
  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Exhausts
  • Engine
  • Steering
  • Body structure
  • Lightings

If any of the above mentioned parts are found defective, then your car will not pass the test.

How to locate reliable and certified MOT garage in your vicinity?

It is very important that you find best and licensed MOT centre so that you get absolute service as well as value for your money. Firstly, you need to ensure that the garage has VOSA certified mechanics and must be fully equipped with latest equipments.

Internet is an excellent source to find authentic garages in Banbury. With myriad of garages, it may be confusing to get hold of best one. For this reason, make a list of garages and check the reviews of their earlier customers. Or, you can take help from your friends you have good rapport with mechanics. Keep in mind, a MOT certified garage will have a symbol of three white triangles with light blue color on the background. It is your right to ask about their qualifications and credentials and they should be willing to answer all your qualms. If they are hesitant to reply your questions, then you must look out some other company.

In conclusion, car maintenance is imperative if you want to pass MOT. Thus, maintain a routine and follow it strictly.


Smart Auto Servicing – Important factors to consider

Smart automobiles are highly innovative and fuel-efficient machines. However, every vehicle (smart or not) requires maintenance and repair services at regular intervals of time. Unless you’re a trained auto technician, it’s advisable to leave your car in the hands of an experienced mechanic.

Auto-PartsKeeping your vehicle roadworthy depends on a few important conditions. The ideal way to keep your car in a good working condition is to take it for thorough garage services in Croydon. With regular servicing, the longevity of your vehicle extends and you remain safe on the road. If you have a detailed list of items to check and repair, you’ll get the maximum benefit from the maintenance services.

The first one on the list is tyres. Since they affect both gas mileage and safety, a moderate amount of pressure must be maintained at all times. The air pressure of your tyres should be tested on a weekly basis. Besides, you alos need to check the sidewalls for scuffs and damages. The spare wheel must also be tested for the right amount of pressure.

car batteryNext comes the battery. Cars are nothing but assimilated group of machines. Just like any other machine, battery is its most important part. Instead of experiencing a sudden breakdown and then dragging your car to the nearest garage, check the battery at fixed time intervals. With thorough car servicing Croydon, any prospective problem gets noticed and fixed on time. It is always advisable to replace the battery before it crosses the expiry date. That way, you don’t have to remain stranded on the highway or be unable to reach your office on time. Pay attention to any degradation in its performance level, and get it checked immediately if you face any problem starting the engine.

Blocked filters can cause your car’s engine to come to a standstill. If you continue using a vehicle with greasy oil and air filters, it will lower both gas mileage and performance.

Why Do Mechanics Prevent You From Driving an Unsafe Car?

The very word ‘car’ is enough to transport you to a distant world full of wonders. Since the time, you had got to know about this amazement, you seemed to harbor an immoderate desire to own this grand item. You just got swayed away by the specific attributes of the article and wanted to be bestowed with its countless functionalities. But the fact that you were then a mere child couldn’t let you fulfill your dream and float in the ecstasy of possessing a magnificent car. At the same time, it was not the end of the story, as something blissful was destined there to happen to you at last. You gave your earnest dedication in making your career and after coming out with flying colors it was no more impossible for you to have a vehicle of magnificent grandeur.

You no more live in the era where you don’t have a fitting answer to your queries. If you are looking for reliable car garages, then the fitting solution is before you only. With the fleeting expansion of technology, it has become quite schematic for you to get hold of matchless car maintenance services in your vicinity. Car servicing in Epsom has become an eminent affair with the presence of multifarious renowned companies in the locality. All you need to do is take your car to the nearby garage and the expert specialists will give their earnest efforts to come to your inordinate aid.

car repairs and servicing

Now, if you are scouting for excellent car repairs in Leatherhead, then also there are numbers of garages that can provide you with impeccable service. Driving an unsafe car not only makes you face temporary hazards, but can also make you undergo deadly consequences. So, it is always suggested by the technicians to undertake a regular maintenance service for your car and make it run smoothly on the road.

When you have a stunning car in your bestowal, then it becomes your prime chore to fortify its safety measures to the fullest. You may have a gorgeous car embellishing your garage, but unless it has got a secure as well as strapping mechanism in it, it’s of no use. You have bought the car only to allow yourself to a ceaseless happiness. So, it can surely be considered to be your prime responsibility to safeguard the welfare of your four-wheeler, so that you can savor its matchless functionalities to the fullest.

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